We are a company that constructs food and catering trucks, pavillions, offices, halls, warehouses etc. Our vehicles are made from sandwich slabs which make them look effective and good value for money. Our trailers are both empty or equipped and tailored to customers' expectations,. We also service all vehicle and trailers we manufacture. Moreover, we deal with repairing trailers and food equipment. Since we co-operate with suitable and reliable European companies, we are able to guarantee our Clients maximum safety of the services we offer.

All the trailers we manufacture are type-approved.

We guarantee our Clients products and realisations of the highest quality. We are a company that cares for professionalism and perfectionism. Moreover, we execute orders for the biggest firms on both domestic and foreign markets. We are very engaged in every order to fulfill our Clients' expectations.

Our individaul approach to each project along with a detailed marketing analysis are strategic for us. Perfect communication among the co-workers and a deep insight into the Client's needs significantly speed up creative processes and ensure the high level of the services provided, therefore we build constant task teams for our key Clients.

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